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Our wine shop is now open! 
Bottles of Middle Eastern Wine to go!
Come drink the wine from The Holy Land!  

So... Let us tell you a little bit about our Palestinian wines from The Holy Land & newest Lebanese wines. We believe, as did our parents, Mikhail & Agnes Khalil that ...

If God has blessed you, then you should honor & glorify Him by helping any... and every way you can. Our wines, some of which come from The Borderless Wine Alliance, which we are extremely proud to have even just a small connection with. The BWA believes in the power of wine to resolve local and international conflicts (i.e. Palestinian and Israeli working together on ancient local grape varieties) "With our wine purchases, I believe, we can help advance regional peace, provide support for farmers in war-torn regions, have a voice in geopolitics, and aid in economic recoveries”  —Peter Weltman, Borderless Wines.

Cremisan Winery is situated between Bethlehem & Jerusalem and supports both an orphanage & school. All Cremisan wines are organically produced, with vines being tended without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Vines are pruned, sorted and picked by hand. World renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella – most noted for his Falesco winery in Italy – is now part of the Cremisan Winery, lending his professionalism and talent. 

Nadim Wines from Taybeh Winery, Ramallah, Palestine, along with sales of Taybeh Beer, created by the Khoury family, helps support the local economy of Taybeh, Ramallah, which is the last Christian village in Palestine. We are honored and humbled to be able to support our Orthodox sister church in The Holy Land, as well as Cremisan Winery which supports the orphanage & school.

And finally... Couvent Rouge, a winery in Lebanon, is a Fair Trade certified cooperative in Lebanon that employs Syrian refugees. Two men took this land which was once used to grow illegal drugs, and turned it into a viable vineyard. By their kindness, one particular employee, a Syrian refugee, is learning the trade so that he can go back and start his own Syrian winery someday. 

ARAK,  12

Beautifully potent.  known as "lion's Milk" 

Ouzo,  10

Ever wonder how the Greeks are able to flip upside down when they dance at their church food festivals?  Ouzo.  Ouzo is why

Sambuca,  9

In honor of our Italian friends. Salut!


Come Drink the Wines Cultivated from the same vines as the Ancient Phoenicians over 4,000 years ago

Enjoy our unique selection of Wines from the Beqaa Valley and Betroun regions of Lebanon

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 5.55.06 PM.png
Massaya, Le Columbier, Beqqa Valley, Lebanon    12 /42


Balanced, Easy Drinking

 Grenache, Cinsault, Tempranillo

    Pairs well with Lamb, Kefta, Mowzat, Grapeleaves

Khalil's is proud to serve KSARA Wines 

KSARA is the oldest winery in Lebanon, founded in 1857 by Jesuit Priests

KSARA, Le Prieure, Beqqa Valley, Lebanon    14 / 52
Mellow & Supple tannins on the palate

Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cabernet    

    Pairs well with Kefta, Lamb, Mowzat, Chicken Taouk

Chateau Kefraya, Les Bretches, Beqqa Valley, Lebanon    12 / 42
Blackcurrant, cherry, silky tannis, earthy, savory
Cincault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo
Pairs well with Lamb, Mowzat, Kefta
Massaya Blanc, Beqqa Valley, Lebanon     12 / 14
KSARA, Blanc de Blancs    14 / 52


Soft, rich, subtle aroma of hazelnuts

Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay

    Pairs well with Chicken Taouk, Samket, Shrimp

Ask about our Palestinian Wines!

Non alcoholic Drinks

Lemonade,  3   |   Sweet Rose Lemonade,  3      | Iced Tea,  3

Arabic Coffee,  5.   |   Syrian Specialty tea,  5

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