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Booze & Bouza!

Another Khalil's Original!

Baklava Sundae's wild & dangerous cousin! 

A Baklava Sundae with your choice of select liqueur to top it off!


Grand Marnier

Lady Godiva ChocolateLiqueur


Pom Fig Martini

Fig infused Vodka + Pomegranate

Wardi Al Wadi

Ketel One Rose & Grapefruit Vodka, Rose Water, Grapefruit

Sweet Rose Lemonade + Vodka

Damascus Summer Nights

Arabic Coffee, Cardomom, Rose Water, Almond Milk

Beirut Summer Breeze

Lebanese Gin infused with Botanicals + Soda

Santorini Summer

Ouzo + Lemonade -Because we all want to be in Greece right now!

Imported Beers

Alfa  - Greece's #1 Beer

Almaza - Lebanon's #1 Beer

Efes - Turkey's #1 Beer

Estrella Damm - Spain

Birra Moretti - Italy

Peroni - Italy