Introducing Khalil’s New Signature cocktails...


Tahini Martinis!


These unique Khalil’s signature cocktails are inspired by the fruits of the Syrian and Arabian deserts. 

Dates, Apricots, Almonds, Figs and Rose Water are refreshing staples that help sustain nourishment critical to surviving, while crossing the harsh terrain of the unforgiving scorching land.

(Kind of like respite in our hard covid journey)

Pom Fig Martini

Fig infused Vodka + Pomegranate

Wardi Al Wadi

Ketel One Rose & Grapefruit Vodka, Rose Water, Grapefruit

Damascus Summer Nights

Arabic Coffee, Cardomom, Vodka,Rose Water, Almond Milk


Imported Beers

Alfa  - Greece's #1 Beer

Almaza - Lebanon's #1 Beer

Efes - Turkey's #1 Beer

Kronenbourg 1664 - France

Estrella Damm - Spain

Birra Moretti - Italy

Peroni - Italy