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* Menu available only on Thursdays 5PM - 9PM.  

Regular Dinner menu not available on Thursdays -- except for select appetizers

Reservations recommended... Walk ins welcome!   

Menus will rotate monthly with a special addition


It all started on JUNE 17, 1972 at 8:00PM...

We’ve been around a long time

 We've survived everything from the Vietnam War, the closing of the Steel Mills, all 6 Steeler Super Bowl wins,  the Turn of the Century,  9/11, to the Pandemic, itself.

And just like our beloved resilient city of Pittsburgh  — which went through its own growing pains of transforming itself, from a hard working, blue collar, smoky industrial city, to a fabulous amazing global destination -- we too, have grown, from a tiny, authentic, immigrant restaurant on a side street in South Oakland, to the iconic legacy of where Khalil's is today.  And in those 50 years, sharing our beautiful Syrian cuisine and culture, balancing that with our proud American culture, and all at the same time, creating beautiful memories together

And we couldn’t have done it without you!  And for that, we’d like to say thank you!


For a limited time only, we’re blending the old with the new — the Syrian with the American — and bringing back some of our old traditional favorite village dishes that people loved and enjoyed throughout the decades — while at the same time introducing a whole new world of unexplored dishes and Syrian street food you’d find literally on Straight Street in Damascus, as well as all throughout Syria!


Since we opened up in 1972, we are offering 5 Delicious Platters for $19.72! 

And just to make it fun, we’ll rotate them every month with a surprise special!  


With unique Lebanese wines, New Middle Eastern cocktail specials, and unique beers from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea — you’ll feel a thousand miles away, and we'll bring you back to the golden years — to enjoy the nostalgia of Khalil’s!


(The Immigrant & the American)

Main Platter

Chicken Rice, Lubia Stew, Khalil's Signature Salad


Felafel Sliders

3 Felafel sliders, on American buns, french fries, pickled turnips, pickled vegetables, tahini



Kefta Sliders

3 Kefta Sliders.  Grilled seasoned ground beef, on American buns, french fries, pickled turnips, pickled vegetables, garlic yogurt sauce


(Syrian Street Food with a modern twist. Pick this up on any street corner in all of Syria, including "Straight Street" in Damascus)




*“Manaeesh” is Syrian style pizza


Rose & Rose 

Rose Petal Jam, Labnee, sauteed onion  

* For a limited time, KSARA Lebanese Rose wine will be available


Fig & Feta

Fig Jam and Feta Cheese, topped with nuts




Za’atar & Jibney

Za’atar & Cheeses, traditional



Sito’s Mediterranean 

Sito’s Mediterranean Marinade, Spinach, Cheeses, Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Pine nuts








Hummus ... $8.50

Baba Ganough ... $9

Medumas ... $10.50

Mahamarra ... $9.50

Mazza Platter ... $15

(Combination of the above 4 items)

Dolmas ... $8.50

Mediterranean Cheese & Olives ... $9

Spanakopita ... $9.50

Vegetable Plate ... $6

Khalil’s Signature Salad ... $9

*add feta cheese, olives, lifit ... $2





Baklava Ice Cream



Booze & Bouza!

* Bouza means ice cream in Arabic

“Booze and Bouza” is Baklava ice cream drizzled with liqueur

Godiva Chocolate 



(add $1)




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