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Khalil's Valentine's Day Package

"Eid el Houb"... The Holiday of Love...


*(Regular menu will not be available on Valentine's Day)

*(Please note: Khalil's does not any alcoholic beverages to be

brought in from the outside)

*Please email reservations to:

Dinner for 2 includes

A Bottle of Lebanese Red Wine

Sampling platter of...


Assorted Cheeses

Za'atar Spiced Olives

Fig & Feta Manaeesh

Khalil's Signature Salad

Pomegranate Orange Chicken

served with 

Traditional Basmati Ouzie rice with ground beef

raisins, peas & toasted almonds

*(Vegetarian option available)

Assorted Syrian Desserts

Arabic Coffee with Cardamom or Syrian Mint Tea


per couple


per couple

without wine

(served family style)


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