Celebrate this Thanksgiving...Syrian Style...


Growing up as Syrian-Americans, our Thanksgiving Dinner table was a feast filled with both traditional American dishes along side with Syrian ones.  It was a great way to be Thankful for both our American and Syrian cultures!  And in a year full of untraditional things, 2020 wouldn't have it any other way! Pick up Dinner from our family & enjoy at home with yours!  


And we know that some of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner by themselves this year, so we are also offering meals for 1, because we're never really alone, when we together in spirit!

Family Style, Serves 4-6

Individual Lamb Shanks served in a mushroom gravy sauce

Vegetable Medley with  corn, peas, carrots, potato, celery

Syrian Style Stuffing with ground beef, raisins and toasted almonds

Khalil's Signature Salad

Cranberries with pomegranate & mint

Pumpkin Baklava


Thanksgiving Dinner for 2



Thanksgiving Dinner for 1


A la carte options

Vegan Pumpkin Kibbee trays, 35 

Vegan Pumpkin Footballs, 18 (6pc.)

 Syrian-style stuffing, 40

Khalil’s signature salad, 36 (add feta & olives, 42)

 Pumpkin Baklava, 36


*Orders must be placed by November 20.

* Email order to info@khalilsrestaurant.com

*Pick up times:  Tuesday, Nov. 24 and Wednesday, Nov. 26 (4-7pm)

*Note:  Packaged cold to be heated on Thanksgiving Day. Salad dressing served on the side