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Our History...

Our Legacy...

Read more about our unique family history in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Odessey’s Profile, by Steve Mellon. Read it here!

Be sure to check out this video of Mikhail Khalil. It will melt your heart! Click here!


Our Story

Khalil’s is a seed planted in the earth of this great city, Pittsburgh.
Like so many immigrants who’s hard work and determination laid the groundwork which built this city, its DNA runs right through it’s veins. Like the city itself, made of hardened steel, but full of heart, Khalil's has its roots solidly planted in a firm foundation - able to withstand the challenges life may throw its way. 
In 1972, Mikhail and Agnes Khalil started with humble beginnings, and through hard work, perseverance, and good old-fashioned grit to get through the worst of times - created an institution that has sustained change for over 47 years.
Like Pittsburgh, no matter how drastic the changes, our restaurant has not only maintained its core values of strong character, integrity and honesty, but has evolved into a more magnificent and thriving establishment.
From the heart of founders Agnes & Mikhail Khalil, we welcome you to our humble establishment, Khalil's - those who have been with us for 47 years, as well as those who are just discovering us for the first time - we say with a hearty welcome...
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he Krak des Chevaliers sits atop Wadi al Nasara (The Valley of the Christians, Syria) overlooking roughly 30 Antiochian Orthodox Christian villages, including Miklos & I'mabara, where Mikhail & Agnes are from.  

It is one of the most well preserved medieval castles in the world & a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ahalan Wa Sahalan

Krak des Chevaliers
(Q'ala'at al- Hosn)

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