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Khalil's is so proud and honored to partner with 412 Food Rescue to help provide nutritious meals to those of our neighbors facing hunger through "Community Takeout".  Dr. Mark Baratz, out of the kindness of his heart, pulled out of his own wallet and purchased meals from small local independent restaurants that were then donated to the hungry in Pittsburgh.


He did this to help both small independent restaurants survive and our neighbors who needed meals.  Leah Lizaronodo, then took over the project with 412 Food Rescue and here we are.  This is just another example of how Pittsburghers show their strength and kindness to get through tough times together!  And just another reason why we are so proud of our great city of Pittsburgh!

Ahalan Wa Sahalan!    (Welcome!)

Khalil’s Restaurant, founded by Mikhail & Agnes Khalil, has been serving the finest Middle Eastern Cuisine since 1972. But what makes Khalil’s truly special is the warmth and genuine hospitality that Agnes & Michael gave to every single guest who walked into their doors for over 47 years. 


It is their beautiful spirit of kindness that far outweighed their delicious cuisine. They wanted you to feel as if you were in their own home, where they could shower you with all the beautiful hospitality Syrian people are known throughout the world for. It is with this spirit, that we welcome you to Khalil’s!  Ahalan Wa Sahalan!


For if you bake bread with indifference, you feed but a half man's hunger

- Kahil Gibran 

Authentic Syrian Cuisine 

Straight from the mountains of Miklos, Syria, we have been serving authentic Syrian cuisine for over 47 years

Rich Culture

Dine in our exquisite dining room


The moment you walk in our doors, we want you to feel as if you left Pittsburgh, and entered into the timeless beauty of Syria

Host your next Special Event with us
Our Legacy 



Our Legacy

In 1956, in the tiny mountain village of Miklos, Syria, on the foothills of the famous Krak des Chavalier French Crusaders Castle, Mikhail & Agnes were married. The rest is history...

Sito's Mediterranean Salad dressing & Marinade is what Khalil's has been using on our salads since 1972!
Made with only 6 all natural ingredients the amazing flavors will transport you to right the mediterranean
Now available for purchase!

An award winning hilarious colbert like take on living in the crossfire of the conservative Arab and liberal American cultures


was included in the 2013 Carnegie International because it was found on the streets of Cairo one month before the revolution

Sito's originated from Khalil's Restaurant when Mikhail and Agnes Khalil opened their first restaurant 40 years ago. The Salad Dressing was so popular, that their daughter, Leila, decided to manufacture and bottle it. Taste the deliciousness for yourself! -
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